Our Staff

Dr. Alexander Belenky

Dr. Alexander Belenky, founder of Angio Center Israel, unit head of Interventional Radiology at Rabin Medical Center.
Dr. Belenky is regarded by many as the founder of interventional radiology in Israel and he is one of the international high-ranking professionals in this field.

In the numerous roles he played in the medical world, he has taught many generations of interventional radiologists, and today too, he is a high-ranking lecturer and director in this field worldwide.

Beside his knowledge and experience in interventional radiology and endovascular surgery, Dr. Belenky is a researcher and innovator and is the owner of many patents of treatment methods and medical equipment that have long been accepted into daily medical routines in Israel and the USA.

Under this banner of accessible medical innovation to all patients, Dr. Belenky has assembled some of the best specialists in Israel to a unique and cohesive think-outside-the-box team in order to provide effective solutions to a variety of medical conditions for every patient.

Dr. Maxim Saksonov

Dr. Maxim Saksonov, director of medical innovation at Angio Center Israel, is also director of Interventional Radiology Unit at Assuta public hospital in Ashdod.

Dr. Saksonov is a specialist of interventional and diagnostic vascular radiology. In addition to his medical duties, Dr. Saksonov is always looking for possibilities and new treatment methods for various ailments his patients present. At Angio Center, he leads the implementation of these methods in Israel as well as the national database project that aims to provide patients with extensive medical information.

When it comes to formulating unique treatment methods Dr. Saksonov has a think-outside-the-box approach where even classic methodologies are ineffective.

Dr. Dov Dicker

For 30 years, Dr. Dov Dicker has been a specialist of gynecology, obstetrics and fertility. Following his residency, he underwent advanced training in gynecological surgery and studied advanced endoscopy techniques in Paris, France.

Dr. Dicker was department head of Gynecologic Emergency and Gynecologic Outpatient Clinic at Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson and headed the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Dicker is a member of the Israel Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Israel society of Gynecological Endoscopy, and the Israeli Association of Fertility Research. Dr. Dicker has been highly regarded and has many achievements in gynecological endoscopy surgery, in fertility, and in endometrial myoma catheterization – fibroids, adenomyosis, and endometriosis.

Dr. Achiude Bendet

Residency graduate of interventional radiology and interventional oncology, advanced clinical fellowship in interventional radiology (angio) at Sourasky Medical Center. He went on to a research fellowship in interventional oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, USA.

Since his return from the USA, he has been working as a senior doctor at the Interventional Radiology Unit at Rabin Medical Center that includes the three hospitals; Beilinson, Hasharon and Schneider, and was appointed director of Interventional Oncology Service and attending physician of the Interventional Radiology Clinic. At Angio Center Israel, he is the director of Interventional Oncology.

Dr. Yifat Yosef Lishtzinsky

Attending physician of surgery of colon and rectum and field of proctology at Assuta Ashdod public hospital. Fellowship a St. Mark's in London at the Complex Colorectal Cancer Unit, and advanced laparoscopy.

Additionally, she is qualified in TaTME surgery – advanced rectal cancer surgery performed simultaneously through the abdomen and rectum that requires special qualifications and designated equipment.

Dr. David Aranovich

Advanced training in general surgery at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, NY, USA. Residency in general surgery at Beilinson Hospital. Two years of advanced training in organ transplantation and liver and bile duct surgery at university affiliated with the University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, USA.

Dr. Aranovich worked at Hadassah Ein Karem in Jerusalem, and Beilinson in Petah Tikva. Today he is a senior physician Head of Liver Surgery Service at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, Hadera.

Prof. Oren Fruchter

Prof. Oren Fruchter is Director of the Pulmonary Department at Wolfson Medical Center and Tel Aviv University. Prof. Fruchter is on the Best Doctors in Israel list 2016-2020.

Prof. Ilan Ron

Specialist in clinical oncology and radiation therapy. Advanced training and work experience at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, USA. He has professionalized in gastrointestinal cancer (stomach, pancreas, liver, intestines), melanoma, breast cancer, and gynecological tumors. He underwent advanced training in brachytherapy at Cookridge Hospital, Leeds, England.

He is a member of prominent international and Israeli oncologic societies, including ISCORT – Israeli Society for Oncology and Radiation Therapy, ASCO – American Society of Clinical Oncology, ASTRO – American Society for Radiation Oncology, NY Academy of sciences, and in Israeli breast cancer and melanoma forums.

Dr. Eran Tamir

Dr. Eran Tamir completed his residency in orthopedics at the Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh) in 2002. In 2005 and 2006, he attended an official sub-specialization in foot and ankle surgery at University of Toronto at St. Michael's Hospital.

In 2007, Dr. Tamir completed an additional residency in rehabilitation and physical medicine at Sheba Medical Center. Today, Dr. Tamir is Head of the Department of Foot Surgery at Shamir Medical Center.

Dr. Zeev Kobzantsev

Dr. Zeev Kobzantsev is a specialist in general surgery and endovascular surgery and is the director of the Vascular Surgery Institute at Assuta Ashdod medical center.

Residency in general surgery 1991-1998 at Sourasky Medical Center, residency in vascular surgery 2000-2003 at Shamir Medical Center. Specialization in vascular surgery in Perth, Australia; Dusseldorf, Germany; Paris, and Strasburg, France.

Since 2018, he has been a unit director at Assuta Ashdod as well as senior consultant and surgeon at Assuta Ramat HaHayal, Tel Aviv.
He performs all vascular surgeries – standard, retroperitoneal, and minimally-invasive approach aortic surgery, carotid and subclavian artery surgery, bypass in extremities (all kinds), venous surgery (stripping only).

Dr. Tal Assa

Specialist in diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology at Rabin Medical center. In addition, practices esthetic medicine, with an emphasis on venous treatment.

Angio Center is a multidisciplinary medical center designed to make the most innovative medical solutions accessible to all patients.
At Angio Center we offer personalized medicine that walks hand in hand with progress.