About Us

Angio Center Israel was established in order to bring the most innovative medical solutions to all patients. Medicine today is developing at an almost imaginary pace. New techniques and technologies take time to reach the patients. We are here to make these technologies accessible to everyone right now. We truly believe, that each patient deserves the best that the medical world has to offer, with minimal pain and maximal results.

As a multidisciplinary medical center, Angio Center has championed the comprehensive therapy approach that puts medical consilium at its foundation – designing a comprehensive treatment plan by prominent medical specialists in Israel.

Angio Center was established in 2007 by Dr. Alexander Belenky, who serves nowadays as unit head of Interventional Radiology at Rabin Medical Center. Beside his professionalism, Dr. Belenky is a researcher and innovator of interventional radiology and the founder of this specialty in Israel.
Under this banner of accessible medical innovation to all patients, Dr. Belenky has assembled some of the best specialists in Israel to a unique and cohesive think-outside-the-box team in order to provide effective solutions to a variety of medical conditions.

Together with the medical staff, the administrative staff, headed by Edna Spector, a veteran and skilled manager in the health system, offers close support to all patients, aiming to help them through bureaucracy and insurance issues so that they can concentrate on what's important – their health.

Angio Center is unlike other medical centers in Israel. This center focuses on innovation and offers a comprehensive treatment plan to patients of all insurance companies and HMOs. You can read about the various medical conditions treated at Angio Center on our site which main role is to make information regarding available treatment options accessible to patients. We honestly believe that good medicine begins with knowledge. Uncompromising, up-to-date medical knowledge provided by us, together with the patients' full understanding of their condition and all possible procedures available.

Our vision is to bring a different kind of medicine to you. Personalized medicine that walks hand in hand with progress – smart, accurate medicine unaffected by irrelevant barriers. Angio Center specialists are fully recruited for this task, with the aim of bringing good news of medical innovation to each and every patient.

At Angio Center we treat the following medical conditions:

Arterial diseases – diabetic foot syndrome, intermittent claudication.
Women's health – pelvic congestion syndrome, fibroids.

Men's health – varicocele, benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Interventional oncology – renal cell carcinoma (RCC), hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), metastatic liver disease.

Musculoskeletal problems.


Venous diseases – varicose veins.

Operative contracts with HMOs and private insurances are available